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Gray Matters will be the new playbook on aging. Gray Matters is a new podcast series that will help audiences navigate aging in society today. We're no longer aging the way our parents aged. Gray Matters will give people over 50 a voice and help them understand and embrace the ups and downs of aging.  




Heidi Rataj is an award-winning documentary producer and director and a caregiver for her mom. Heidi talks about her own fear of aging and the search for a new narrative for all of us as we age. Join Heidi as she discusses relevant stories and conversation about aging today with others who are experiencing aging from perspectives and viewpoints that we all share.
Episode 1: Staying Current

Sandy is an Executive VP at a high end fashion magazine. She discusses how staying current keeps her feeling energized and vibrant in a youth-centerned industry.    

Launching Fall 2019
Available on Apple iTunes, Spotify, and KPBS San Diego
Partnership opportunities available
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