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Heidi has spent most of her adult life sharing a home with her mother and her two sons. Experiencing her mother age led Heidi to contemplate the question, “What’s more important, quality of life or quantity?” Having worked in healthcare communications for the last 15 years, this question has weighed heavy on her mind. So much so, it led her back to school where she received her Master’s in Gerontology from USC. Also, wanting to see both sides of the question, she co-created the KPBS series re’flect with her partner Theresa.! The series introduced her to many older adults who are living quality lives at every stage of senior life. This series convinced Heidi that life should be measured in quality not quantity. Now she plans to continue this dialogue. On Gray Matters, she will discuss how changing attitudes about aging are convincing others that no matter how long we live, we must live a quality life filled with joy and purpose.



Theresa grew up surrounded by positive aging role models. Her maternal grandfather was always active. Despite the fact he had a degenerative disease that caused him to lose both legs at 30; he ran his own business and golfed throughout his life. Theresa grew up with her maternal grandmother in the house. She inspired Theresa to stay active, read continuously, and to understand the importance of eating healthy throughout your life. And Theresa’s paternal grandfather lived to his 100th birthday! Theresa learned early that age is not an excuse to slow down. Through storytelling, she wants to break the stereotypes associated with aging. Her hope is to share experiences and tell stories that inspire people over 50 to continue to push their own boundaries and let people under 50


  • Michelle Bouchard, Executive Director, Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps

  • Caroline Cicero, PhD, MSW, MPL, Director, USC Age Friendly University Initiative, Instructional Associate Professor of Gerontology

  • Diane Doster, Creator, Project Relevance

  • John Decker, Director of Programming, KPBS

  • Janice Izor, Business Development Officer, Alpha Project

  • David Strasberg, Executive Director, The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute

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